We are committed to making the world a better place, one better life at a time.

We are proudly made in the USA at our Colorado-based Advanced Manufacturing Center (aka, Vibe Labs). Our “made here” manufacturing strategy is a core tenant of our LAMPS pillar to build value and engagement in local communities. As a Veteran founded business, we are mission-oriented and support a wide range of organizations including several Veteran groups, first responders, active duty military, and a host of charitable causes. We gratefully support those who make this world a better, safer place to live through special access to our technologies.

Our "Three Pillars of Purpose"

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Improved Lives

Our products & technologies are purpose-driven to help people THR!VE. Heart-warming stories of lives improved inspire and energize our team each and every day. Many report getting back into favorite hobbies they’d been forced to abandon; resuming more active and healthy lifestyles with all the associated benefits; or simply enjoying more active engagement with children and grandchildren.
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Since the start of the industrial revolution, manufacturing has consolidated into mega factories in the name of “scale efficiencies.” This idea strips economic value and crucial engagement from local communities.

Through our LAMPS (Localized Advanced Manufacturing Pods) initiative we hope to reverse this paradigm by shifting from manufacturing in mega factories to instead manufacturing in local micro factories called LAMPS. By installing a LAMP in an area of demand, we will empower local communities to create their own technologies while also building economic vitality — helping communities to THR!VE.

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For many modern companies, Culture is viewed as a “soft” element. At DNA Vibe, we view culture as a foundational pillar. We actively seek to build an environment that is inclusive, energizing, inspiring, and edifying for each and every person at every level, location, and responsibility. We strive to make DNA Vibe the kind of environment where each of our teammates can realize their own dreams as we collectively strive toward our unifying purposes.

Learn more about how we're making the world a brighter place

DNA Vibe’s CEO was recently featured on The Internationalist Podcast— a global forum highlighting transformative pioneers. In it, Perry discusses how our foundational pillars are the driving force behind building DNA Vibe to be a company that stands for positive change in the world. 

Check it out!

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