Jazz Band Live Power Bundle – Regenerlight

With Jazz Band’s Intelligent Light Therapy and four modalities including red light therapy, near-infrared light therapy, magnetic signals and micro-vibrations, you can get back to more of what you love. Reduce inflammation and pain while accelerating recovery without drugs or invasive procedures.

Original price was: $358.95.Current price is: $328.95.

Stephanie H.
42, New Hampshire
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“All I can say is WOW, what a difference”
Laura N.
58, California
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“My hip has literally not felt this good in four years"
Emile L.
51, California
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“I've tried a million different treatments and I have never found any to be this effective."


The Jazz Band Live Power Bundle includes our best-selling Jazz Band Live, plus Cordless Power Pack and handy Extension Cable.  Perfect for Vibing on-the-go.


DNA Vibe’s “Jazz Band Live” is sure to become your new best self-care companion.  Four proprietary and complementary modes (red, infrared, magnetic, and micro-vibration) work in harmony with your body’s natural processes to help reduce stiffness, inflammation and pain while accelerating and improving recovery.  Its signature geometry is computer-optimized to fit every part of the body (back, neck, knees, elbows, ankles, hands, feet and more).  Strap it on wherever and whenever you crave relief.


The Power Bundle includes both the wall adapter and Cordless Power Pack.  The Wall Adapter plugs into the wall with a convenient 10-foot cord:  perfect for unlimited power while relaxing on the couch, working at the desk, or resting in bed.  The Cordless Power Pack is ideal for unrestricted movement with an all-day run-time on a single charge, and (bonus!) it even charges your mobile phone or tablet! (perfect for Vibing while moving freely about the home, while on the go, or at the club).  The Power Bundle also includes the Magnetic Extension Cable which makes Vibing on the go extra convenient by allowing you to slip the Cordless Power Pack into a pocket, purse, or on the car seat or a nearby counter.


What’s in the box:

  • Jazz Band Live
  • Wearable pouch
  • Short band (best for knees, ankles, wrists, elbows)
  • Long band (ideal for back or shoulders)
  • Power adapter with 10-foot cord
  • Cordless Power Pack
  • Magnetic Extension Cable
  • Quick start guide


Rest assured with our 60-Day Good Vibe Guarantee 

We’re so confident you will experience great results that we offer a ‘Good Vibes Guarantee.’ Just give the Jazz Band a fair shot and if it doesn’t help you, we’ll gladly provide a full refund.

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