Jazz Band Live – Wholesale

With DNA Vibe’s Wholesale opportunities, we can make the world a Whole lot better, one better life at a time.  Thank you for being part of this important movement.  Better Lives.  Better World.


Stephanie H.
42, New Hampshire
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“All I can say is WOW, what a difference”
Laura N.
58, California
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“My hip has literally not felt this good in four years"
Emile L.
51, California
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“I've tried a million different treatments and I have never found any to be this effective."


Each Jazz Band ordered via this wholesale site comes with:

  • The Jazz Band active pad (Light, Live, or Vibe as chosen)
  • Wearable pouch (black, blue or magenta as chosen)
  • Short band (best for knees, ankles, wrists, elbows)
  • Long band (ideal for back or shoulders)
  • Power adapter with 10-foot cord
  • Quick start guide 
  • Attractive product box suitable for retail display and customer fulfillment


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